Welcome to The SletchWeb, my small corner of this series of tubes.

Here, you will find all the material I have written for various games I have run, separated by system and setting. To navigate, mouse over the relevant section in the menu above and click on the subsection that you are after or just click on the main heading for more detail about what each subsection contains.

Fantasy Craft

The Fantasy Craft section contains all generic materials that are written for use with Crafty Games's Fantasy Craft (and will be updated as new products are released to ensure continued compatibility and balance). While the material in this section are written for Fantasy Craft's tighter and smoother rules, they should be almost completely compatible with Spycraft 2.0, assuming the proper Campaign Qualities are in play.

For Example: The Blood Mage (under "Expert Classes") would be as at home in a modern or futuristic setting as they would be in a classical fantasy setting (and in both instances require the Sorcery Campaign Quality). Likewise, the Psionics toolkit has Campaign Qualities to enable it in any setting, but certain powers will only exist in certain Eras (the Cyber-Psi tree chief among them).

Setting Specific

The Setting Specific entry is a gateway to all material specific to a given setting. While all of it should be fully balanced within the system, making it hypothetically compatible with other settings, it is all designed specifically for the setting it's listed under. For example: The Stargate subsection has rules for Staff Weapons, Zat-Guns and Alien Origins. While they will be balanced with Swords, AK-47's and Elves, they might not quite fit into non-Stargate settings.

Just be sure to check which system the adaptation is for, since I tend to use different systems to support different styles of play. For example: Stargate is adapted to the highly cinematic rules of Fantasy Craft, which very much supports the kind of action that made the show famous. For Fallout, however, I chose to use the GURPS rules, which make players far more fragile and low key then Fantasy Craft does.

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