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You are one of a race of sentient parasites that inhabit and take over the bodies of other species. With your knowledge of advanced technology, you have subjugated hundreds of worlds under your iron fist - all while posing as their gods and demanding their worship.
Type: Diminutive beast with a Reach of 0 (see page 226). Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 0.5 (rounded down).
Attributes: No species modifiers (see Puppeteer).
Base Speed: 10 ft.
Blended Form: You may take species feats that your host body qualifies for.
Genetic Memory: Once per session, you may request a hint from the GM. If he refuses, you gain 1 bonus action die.
Noble Blood: You may purchase Noble Renown for 20 Reputation per rank (see page 187).
Puppeteer: You gain a Species of your choice as a host. The hosts Base Speed, Size and Type override your own and you gain their attribute modifiers. Outside of a host, you revert to your normal Base Speed, Size and Type and begin dying (following the rules for Suffocation) unless you are transferred to a new host or specially designed life support system.
Reviled: The disposition of non-Goa'uld decreases by 10.

Note: The Goa'uld is an extremely powerful species, and very much subject to change at this stage. Consider it a sort of pre-alpha build.

You are a Jaffa, the foundation upon which the empires of the false gods are built.
Type: Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score.
Attributes: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, –2 Intelligence, –2 Charisma
Base Speed: 30 ft.
Fast Healer: You gain the Fast Healer NPC Quality.
Fearless I: You gain a +4 bonus with Morale checks.
Iron Gut: You gain an insight bonus equal to your Con modifier with saves against disease and poison (min +1).
Kelno'reem: You do not need to sleep.  Instead, you need to enter a meditative state in which your body repairs itself.  Unlike Sleep, Kelno'reem is never a terminal situation for you.
No Pain: You ignore the first fatigued or shaken condition you gain in each scene.
Reviled: The disposition of non-Jaffa decreases by 10.
Sterner Stuff: The keen quality of each attack made against you decreases by 4.

Unas are an amazingly strong and hardy bipedal alien native to the world the Goa'uld initially evolved on. Because of this, your ancestors became their first hosts and allowed them to leave their native aquatic environment. Some, however, managed to avoid being taken and continued to thrive on their home world, as well as on other planets they had been transplanted by the Goa'uld. You are either one of these free Unas, or you are but a vessel to a Goa'uld.
Type: Large (1x1) biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 1.5 (rounded down).
Attributes: +4 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, –2 Intelligence
Base Speed: 30 ft.
Lumbering: Can be flanked by any 2 adjacent opponents, -2 to reflex saves.
Rapid Regeneration: You gain the Regeneration I NPC Quality.
Repulsive Habits: You suffer a –2 penalty to Appearance (see FC, page 153).
Restricted Actions: When making Calm, Influence, or Outmaneuver checks you are always considered untrained.
Thick Hide 3: you are considered to be wearing partial armour that provides DR 3. It does not stack with other armour, if you gain Thick Hide from other sources it offers the highest DR + 1 per additional hide benefit.


Ranged Weapon Feats

Staff Weapon Basics
You've learned to bypass the shortcomings of the Staff Weapon, making it even more feared.
Prerequisites: Rifle Forte
Benefits: When you wield a Staff Weapon, you gain a +4 Gear Bonus to Intimidate.  Further, you gain a Stance.
Gripping Stance (stance): You shift your grip on the staff weapon to improve your accuracy with it.  While in this stance, you gain +2 to hit and damage with a staff weapon.  You may not take Run actions while in this stance.

Staff Weapon Mastery
Years of Bashaak training give you an edge when you have a Staff in your hand.
Prerequisites: Staff Weapon Basics
Benefits: Instead of bludgeon your Staff Weapon counts as a Shod Staff, and you may use Staff Tricks with it.  If you are wielding a Half-Staff it counts as a Club and you may use Club Tricks with it.  Also, you gain a trick.
Lightning Assault (Full Action Staff Weapon Attack Trick; 10 Ammo): Target a square within range and make an attack.  If successful, this attack counts as having Blast 2 and injures everyone within range of the blast.

Staff Weapon Supremacy
Your training is the reason that they refer to the Staff Weapon as a "Weapon of Terror".
Prerequisites: Staff Weapon Mastery
Benefits: When you wield a Staff Weapon it loses Inaccurate.  Also, you gain a trick.
Falling Lightning Blast (Staff Weapon Melee Attack Trick; 1 Ammo): You leverage your opponents overcommitment, toppling him like a felled tree.  If this attack is successful your opponent becomes sprawled.  If you hit by 10 or more you also inflict your Staff Weapon's ranged attack damage.  You may use this trick once per round.


This is the equipment of the non-earth civilisations in the Stargate universe. The SGC (or the group that the players are part of) must have contact with the culture that created the device in order to gain access to it and all items from foreign cultures require GM approval to be taken as regular gear.


Table: Armour

Name DR Resistances DP ACP Speed Disguise Const Comp Weight Cost
Partial Armour (Torso)
Aaru Pattern 3 Edged 2 -1 -1 -5 ft. -6 Hard 2 15W 22 lbs 2
Olympus Pattern 4 Blunt 1 -3 -2 -5 ft. Obvious Hard 3 15W 27 lbs 3
Moderate (Torso and Legs)
Aaru Pattern 4 Edged 3 -2 -1 -5 ft. Obvious Hard 3 15W 40 lbs 3
Kull Warrior 4 Energy Weapons 5 -2 -1 -5 ft. Obvious Hard 3 35W 10 lbs 5
Olympus Pattern 5 Blunt 2 -3 -2 -5 ft. Obvious Hard 4 17W 55 lbs 4

Armour Descriptions

Aaru Pattern Jaffa Armour (Egyptian Gods): Named for the Fields of Aaru, the paradise afterlife of the ancient Egyptian religion, Aaru Pattern Armour is used by the Jaffa of many of the Goa'uld who are part of Ra's extended family and have taken on the identity of the various members of the Egyptian Pantheon. The appearance of the Aaru Pattern Armour is fairly standard, starting with a chainmail shirt and adding additional chest plates, gauntlets, and leg guards as greater protection is desired. In heavy battle conditions, on when a show of force is desired, a helmet styled after their symbolism of their master is added to the armour - such as a Snake helm for Apophis, or a Jackal helm for servants of Anubis. While not the particularly light, or offering the best protection, a Jaffa in full battle Aaru Pattern regalia is extremely distinctive on the battlefield and inflicts terror among those enslaved by the Goa'uld.
Kull Warrior Armour: The Kull Warriors were designed, grown and fielded as an attempt at creating a new footsoldier to replace the Jaffa. With this in mind, their armour was designed to absorb energy weapons fire, which gave them a great advantage over any army reliant on energy weapons (such as the Jaffa). The armour also possessed an underlay made of tightly woven fibres akin to Kevlar, making it resistant to more traditional weapons as well.
Olympus Pattern Jaffa Armour (Cronus, Zeus, etc): Olympus Pattern Armour is used by the Jaffa who serve the Goa'uld who have taken on the identity of various Greek, and many Roman, gods - such as Ares, Chronus, Mars, and Zeus. The appearance of Olympus Pattern Armour varies slightly depending on it's origin, but typically, like most Jaffa armour, they are fairly simplistic (even primitive) designs consisting of an alloy Breastplate, with Boots, Gauntlets, Greaves and a Helmet added for heavier fighting or greater intimidation. The armour is typically designed in the style of ancient Greek armour and, while offering greater protection then Aaru Pattern Jaffa Armour, it is also far more restrictive on movement.


Table: Blunt Weapons

Name Damage Threat Qualities Sz Const Comp Weight Cost
Energy Weapons
Rod of Anguish 1d8 Stress 20 Unreliable S Hard 2 30M 2 lbs 2

Table: Hurled Weapons

Name Damage Threat Rng Qualities Sz Comp Weight Cost
Shock Grenade 4d10 Flash + Subdual 20 15ft. x4 Blast 3 F 25M 1 lbs 1
Sunburst Grenade 3d10 Explosive 20 15ft. x4 AP 4, Blast 2 F 25M 1 lbs 1

Table: Pistols

Name Damage Threat Acc Rec Rng Ammo Mode Qualities Sz Comp Weight Cost
Energy Weapons
Zat'nik'tel 4d4 Electrical Subdual 20 1 4 20ft. 50 S Charge 2/5, Imprecise T 25M 3 lbs 4
Plasma Repeater 2d8 Lethal 19+ 1 5 50ft. 50 S/B AP4, Charge 2/5, Imprecise T 25M 4 lbs 6

Table: Rifles

Name Damage Threat Acc Rec Rng Ammo Mode Qualities Sz Comp Weight Cost
Energy Weapons
Staff Weapon 3d8 Explosive 18+ 1 7 50ft. 20 S AP4, Bludgeon, Charge 2/5, Imprecise, Inaccurate M 25M 10 lbs 4
T.E.R. 2d8 Lethal 19+ 2 5 50ft. 20 S AP4, Load 1 S 30M 6 lbs 4

Table: Siege Weapons

Name Damage Threat Acc Rec Rng Ammo Mode Qualities Sz Comp Weight Cost
Energy Weapons
Staff Cannon 6d8 Explosive 18+ 1 7 150ft. 1 S Blast 2, Charge 1, Heavy, Imprecise, Inaccurate M 25M 200 lbs 8

Weapon Descriptions

Plasma Repeater: Designed as a replacement for the Staff Weapon, the Plasma Repeater slightly sacrifices potential damage for an improved rate of fire, creating a weapon that ends up more akin to machine pistol then the Staff Weapon that it succeeds. The Plasma Repeater is a "hands free" weapon, in that is mounted to the users forearm, allowing the user to operate freely without sacrificing firepower.
Rod of Anguish: The Rod of Anguish is a Goa'uld torture device. The head of the weapon possesses three prongs which, when touched to a victim, inflict enormous while minimising the chance of (accidently) killing the target.
Shock Grenade: Shock Grenades are a non-lethal Goa'uld grenade designed to emit a huge quantity of bright light and supersonic pressure waves, blinding and rendering their victims unconscious.
Staff Cannon: The Staff Cannon appears to be, and very much is, a massively upscaled Staff Weapon. Due to it's weight and bulk, most examples are mounted on a gun emplacement or vehicle. However, some particularly hefty Jaffa have been known to fire them from the hip through the use of strong harnesses - when used in this fashion the Staff Cannon also gains the Massive quality.
Staff Weapon: The Staff Weapon is the standard weapon of the Jaffa, the Goa'uld's ground force. While not a particularly long ranged or accurate weapon, as well as being fairly bulky, the Staff Weapon has come to symbolise slavery and oppression under Goa'uld rule. The Staff is built with a series of capacitors along it's haft, which draw a charge from a Liquid Naqahdah energy cell. While the Liquid Naqahdah energy cell has enough energy to allow the weapon to fire several thousand times, the capacitors can only hold a fraction of the cells potential energy.
Starburst Grenade: A lethal version of the Goa'uld Shock Grenade, the Starburst Grenade unleashes a powerful explosion intended to kill the target.
T.E.R. (Transphase Eradication Rod): The T.E.R. (or, more properly, the Transphase Eradication Rod) is an energy weapon that was originally developed by the Goa'uld as a means of fighting the Reetou, a naturally invisible alien species. Any invisible or cloaked creature that the weapon is aimed at becomes normally visible, at which point the weapon can be fired at the now visible creature.
Zat'nik'tel: The Zat'nik'tel, or "Zat Gun", is a less then lethal weapon of Goa'uld origin. When used, the Zat'nik'tel shoots a bolt of electricity at the target by first producing a laser-induced plasma channel between it and the target, and then discharging a powerful electric current down the channel. The Zat'nik'tel is built in a similar fashion to the Staff weapon - using a Liquid Naqahdah energy cell to charge a series of capacitors along the top of the weapon, and then converting it's energy into a high voltage, low amperage charge that can disable it's targets.

Weapon Modifications

Table: Weapon Modifications

Name Effect Const Comp Weight Cost
Intar Inflicts Subdual damage only, adds Non-Lethal quality. - +5 - +50%
Trinium Alloy Adds AP 4, +1 Damage +1 Save +5 -50% +200%
Half Staff Removes Bludgeon, size becomes Small. - +2 -40% -

Modification Descriptions

Half Staff: Made famous by the warriors of the Sodan, this modification halves the length of the staff, reducing it's melee capabilities and making it less cumbersome while still keeping it's fearsome ranged capabilities. This upgrade can only be applied to the Staff Weapon.
Intar: The weapon is crafted specifically to be non-lethal, to allow it to be used in training new recruits while minimising the danger it poses to them. They are easily identified by the red power crystal where the weapons ammunition or power source would normally reside.
Trinium Alloy: Lighter and stronger then steel, Trinium Alloy is an ideal, if rare, material to melee weapons from. Only melee weapons with a Hard construction can be made from Trinium Alloys.


Healing Device
The Goa'uld Healing Device consists of a large red crystal emitter which can be slid over the user's hand. The Healing Device is capable of healing weapon wounds, several diseases and even near fatal injuries. It is however not as powerful as a Sarcophagus and can neither revive the dead nor cure every ailment.
Item: A palm-sized, hand held device.
Essence: Healing Kit
Charm: Spell: Regenerate (1/Adventure at level 6-7, 2/Adventure at 8-11, 3/Adventure at 12-15, 4/Adventure at 16-19, 5/Adventure at 20)
Reputation Value: 3 (Level 1-5), 24 (level 6-7), 45 (level 8-11), 66 (level 12-15), 87 (level 16-19), 108 (level 20).
Special: Can only be used by those with Naqahdah in their blood, typically current and former Goa'uld symbiote hosts.

Personal Cloaking Device
Personal Cloaking Devices come in a wide variety of styles, and made by a variety of races. Despite their differences, all can be traced back to the original Ancient designed cloaking device which made the wearer near invisible and silent. Some of the derived Cloaking Devices have side effects - the Sodan Cloaking Device emits a level of radiation dangerous to humans, several of the Goa'uld designs require the user to have Naqahdah in their blood - only the Asgard and Ancient designs seem to be safe for general use. Despite the difference, the Personal Cloaking Devices are all built into diminutive devices that can be worn by the user - such as a belt, bracer, or even built right into an outfit or armour.
Item: Diminutive Wearable Device
Essence: NPC Quality: Chameleon II
Reputation Value: 15 Reputation.

Ribbon Device
The Ribbon Device, or Hand Device, is a gold or silver coloured glove-like weapon that is wrapped around the wearers hand and forearm, with a red crystal that sits in the centre of their palm. Typically, the material the ribbon section is made of denotes the rank or status of the wearer with gold and more ornate designs for those of higher rank. The Ribbon Device comes in a variety of designs, with the most basic only having an modulable output energy attack that allows it to be used as a powerful ranged attack and a torture or interrogation device.
Item: Ribbon Glove (1-Handed Item)
Essence: You may convert your Unarmed damage to Stress damage at no penalty against Held, Helpless, Paralysed, or Pinned opponents.
Charm: You gain the Kinetic Blast Restricted Combat Action.
Reputation Value: 10 Reputation.
Special: Can only be used by those with Naqahdah in their blood, typically current and former Goa'uld symbiote hosts.

Ribbon Device Upgrades
Personal Shield Generator: You have a miniature shield generator built into your Ribbon Device, which protects you from most ranged attacks. Activating the shield requires you to concentrate and remain relatively still. When you use the Total Defence action, you gain DR10 against Ranged Weapons. This increases the cost of your Ribbon Device by 25 Reputation.
Remote Control: You have a universal remote control for Naqahdah based technology built into your Ribbon Device. This allows you to activate many Goa'uld devices with your Ribbon Device, and anything you own can be programmed into the Remote Control - including (but not limited to) Ring Platforms, Shields, Ship Air-Locks, and activating or deactivating a Tacluchnatagamuntoron. The Remote Control has a range of 50 ft. and increases the cost of your Ribbon Device by 10 Reputation.

The Tacluchnatagamuntoron, or "Tac" is it is more commonly called, is a Goa'uld automated point defence drone. The Tac is a small sphere, resembling a Goa'uld grenade, that is simply placed in a strategic position and activated, after which it uses it's infrared sensors to fire it's built in energy weapon against any heat source in range. While not a perfect system - the Tac is indiscriminate in it's targeting, shooting animals and friendlies along with enemies - a single Goa'uld with a fortified position and a handful of Tacs can hold out against a vastly superior force. The Tac can be activated and deactivated via a control button on it's side, of via a Remote Control built into a Ribbon Device.
Item: A diminutive sphere (approximately 6" in diameter)
Essence: You gain a deployable NPC (see below).
Reputation Value: 20 Reputation

Tacluchnatagamuntoron (Diminutive Construct Immobile — 55 XP): Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 3, Wis 10, Cha 1; SZ D (1×1, Reach 1); Init III; Atk V; Def III; Resilience III; Health VII; Comp None; Qualities: Achilles Heel (Electrical), Always Ready, //Blindsight, Frenzy III, Treacherous.
Attacks/Weapons: Laser Blast (Damage II: Ray 60ft. range; Armour Piercing 4; Keen 4)

Za'tarc Ring
Originally designed to be used by assassins who had been brainwashed by the Goa'uld using Za'tarc technology, the ring has gained popularity with many who simply wish to appear unarmed and non-threatening. The Za'tarc Ring is an extremely powerful energy weapon, miniaturised into a ring. Upon activation, the ring expands slightly into a finger length weapon, allowing a degree of sighting along it's body for more precision aim. Due to it's size and power the ring has immense recoil and a relatively low firing rate, making it an impractical sidearm or personal defence weapon - which isn't a factor in a surprise attack, when the brainwashed (and fully expendable) assassin kills their target with the first shot and is then killed by their target's guards.
Item: Expanding Ring
Charm: Miniaturised Energy Weapon. Treat as a Staff Weapon with an Ammo and Charge of 1, no Bludgeon quality, and a Weight of 0.5lb.
Reputation Value: 20 Reputation,

Combat Options

Kinetic Blast (1 Full Action • Attack Action): You launch a large wave of force from the palm of your hand, hurling your enemies away from you. Choose an opponent within 30 ft and make a Resolve (Wisdom) check opposed by your target's Athletics (Strength) check. If they lose this opposed check they suffer 1d6 damage and are pushed directly back 5 ft. + an additional 5 ft. per 4 points of difference between the results, after which he becomes Sprawled. If their path is obstructed, resolve as an obstructed Bullrush Action. You may instead choose to target an object within range, in which case this action is resolved as an Athletics (Smash) check that uses your Resolve (Wisdom) check.

Campaign Qualities and Variant Rules


Civilian Specialists

Grade Civilian Specialists
1 Junior Advisor
2 Advisor
3 Senior Advisor
4 Consultant
5 Expert
6 Project Lead
7 Department Second in Charge
8 Head of Department
9 Civilian Director

Enlisted Renown

Grade Airforce Army Marine Corp Navy
1 Airman Basic Private Private Seaman Recruit
2 Airman Private Private First Class Seaman Apprentice
3 Airman First Class Private First Class Lance Corporal Seaman
4 Senior Airman Corporal Corporal Petty Officer Third Class
5 Staff Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Petty Officer Second Class
6 Technical Sergeant Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Petty Officer First Class
7 Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class Gunnery Sergeant Chief Petty Officer
8 Senior Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer
9 Chief Master Sergeant Sergeant Major Master Gunnery Sergeant Master Chief Petty Officer
10 Command Chief Master Sergeant Command Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Command Master Chief Petty Officer

Officer Renown

Grade Airforce Army Marine Corp Navy
1 Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Ensign Second Lieutenant
2 First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
3 Lieutenant Captain Captain Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant
4 Major Major Major Lieutenant Commander
5 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Commander
6 Colonel Colonel Colonel Captain
7 Brigadier General Brigadier General Brigadier General Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
8 Major General Major General Major General Rear Admiral
9 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Vice Admiral
10 General General General Admiral
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