New Uses For Existing Skills


Smash (1 Half Action)

You harness all your brute might to break one item or self-contained piece of scenery within a single square (such as a door), or a section of a larger piece of scenery (such as part of a wall). A Smash check can only target an item within your reach with a Damage Save bonus equal to your Strength score or lower.

A Smash check has no DC, your result becomes the damage against which the target item must make a Damage Save. If an item or section of scenery fails its save, it is broken or destroyed, per the Damage save rules. Either way, if it fails it's Damage Save the item or scenery is rendered useless until repaired using the Craft skill. If a section of scenery fails its save, you punch a hole through it just large enough for one person of your Size to get through (usually about a 5-ft. × 5-ft for a Medium character).

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