Setting Specific

This section is where you'll find the setting specific rules that I've written for adapting various IPs. Things that are balanced with other parts of their parent system, but aren't really compatible with settings that aren't their own.


GURPS: Fallout. New Race templates and setting specific equipment. Ghouls, Super Mutants, and crazy lasers. Balanced, but I can't think of any other settings that lets a giant asexual mutant wear steel plate and dual wield a laser rifle and a nuclear powered sledge hammer. So… it's kinda specific to Fallout.


Stargate, powered by Fantasy Craft. New Origins, Feats, Gear, Combat Options and Renown Tracks. While the Jaffa aren't any more powerful then an Elf, most GMs might not want a Jaffa or Tok'ra in their classic Tolkien-style fantasy realm. By the same token, a Goa'uld hand device might be out of place in a serious, cyberpunk game with all hard science.

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