Path of Freedom
Freedom I: You gain No Pain and may cast Knock once a scene.
Freedom II: Once per scene, you may touch someone to remove the Frightened and Paralysed conditions from them.
Freedom III: You may cast Freedom of Movement and Lift Curse II once per scene.
Freedom IV: You become immune to the Paralysed and Frightened conditions and may use your ability from Freedom II on allies that can see or hear you.
Freedom V: You may cast Mind Blank and Protection from Spells once per scene.

Path of Making
Making I: The maximum complexity of any object you may craft increases by your Making Step.
Making II: You gain an Insight bonus to Craft checks equal to your Making Step. You may also cast Tinker II once per scene.
Making III: Once per session you may reroll a Craft check, keeping the new result only if it is higher then your original.
Making IV: Your critical threat range increases by 4 on all Craft checks.
Making V: Weapons and Armour you have crafted yourself can not be Destroyed, only Broken.

Path of Truth
Truth I: You gain a +5 bonus with Sense Motive checks.
Truth II: The error ranges of Bluff checks targeting you increase by your number of steps on the Path of Truth.
Truth III: You may cast Zone of Truth and Detect Lies once per scene.
Truth IV: You may cast Identify II and True Seeing once per scene.
Truth V: You gain the Master of Secrets class ability.

Path of the Witchhunter
Witchhunter I: You gain the Righteous Strike trick.
Righteous Strike (Melee Attack Trick): Whenever you hit a creature with spell points, they must make a Will Save [DC equal to 10 + Damage) or lose a number of spell points equal to your number of steps on the Path of the Witchhunter. Creatures with who can cast a number of spells per scene instead lose a random spell.
Witchhunter II: You gain the Iron Will feat.
Witchhunter III: You may cast Counter Magic I once per scene. Your caster level is increased by your number of steps on the Path of the Templar when casting this spell.
Witchhunter IV: When using your Righteous Strike trick, the target suffers stress damage equal to twice the number of Spell Points lost.
Witchhunter V: Once per scene you may cast Antimagic Field I.

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