Note: Many of these weapons are designed with a more industrial era campaign, or a steampunk setting, and as such they will not be suitable for all settings.

Table: Firearms

Name Damage Threat Acc Rec Rng Ammo Mode Qualities Sz/H Comp Const Weight Cost
Hand Cannon 4d8 Lethal 19 1 10 40ft. x6 1 S Bludgeon, Load 2, Massive, Unreliable S/1h Hard 3 20M 6 lbs 300s
Magelock Pistol 3d4 Lethal 18 3 4 60ft. x2 1 S Arcane, Charge 1 T/1h Hard 1 35M 2 lbs 5 Rep
Pepperbox Pistol 2d8 Lethal 19 1 5 25ft. x4 8 S Bludgeon, Load 1/1, Unreliable T/1h Hard 3 25M 4 lbs 100s
Purse Pistol 3d4 Lethal 19 1 6 10ft. x4 1 S Load 3, Unreliable T/1h Hard 2 25M 1 lbs 85s
Revolver 2d6 Lethal 19 2 6 30ft. x6 6 S Load 1/2 T/1h Hard 2 30M 3 lbs 200s
Shield Gun 2d8 Lethal 20 1 4 10ft. x4 1 S Bludgeon, Guard +2, Load 3, Unreliable S/1h Hard 3 25M 8 lbs 130s
Blunderbuss 2d12 Lethal 20 1 8 30ft. x4 1 S Imprecise, Load 4, Spread, Unreliable S/2h Hard 3 20M 6 lbs 115s
Hunting Rifle 3d6 Lethal 18 3 6 125ft. x6 1 S Load 2 M/2h Hard 2 25M 8 lbs 150s
Magelock Rifle 3d4 Lethal 18 4 4 200ft. x2 1 S Arcane, Charge 1 S/2h Hard 1 35M 3 lbs 10 Rep
Pepperbox Rifle 2d8 Lethal 19 2 5 100ft. x6 8 S Bludgeon, Load 1/1, Unreliable S/2h Hard 3 25M 12 lbs 200s
Repeating Carbine 4d4 Lethal 19 2 6 60ft. x6 8 S Calvary, Load 1/2, Unreliable S/2h Hard 2 30M 6 lbs 300s
Repeating Long Rifle 4d4 Lethal 19 2 6 100ft. x6 12 S Load 1/2, Unreliable S/2h Hard 2 30M 9 lbs 400s
Volley Rifle 2d8 Lethal 20 2 6 100ft. x6 12 S/B/A(4) Bludgeon, Load 1/1, Unreliable S/2h Hard 3 25M 16 lbs 500s

Firearm Descriptions

Blunderbuss: Loaded with a bundle of small metal spheres and an oversized powder charge, this rifle launches a cloud of death from it's flared muzzle. Mostly used for hunting small game, like ducks and rabbits, it is also popular for self defence as accuracy isn't as important as with a single shot weapon.
Hand Cannon: Originally an innovation of the Jotun tribes, the Hand Cannon is an enormous single shot break action pistol. It's unrivaled stopping power has made it popular with people of all nations who favour superior firepower.
Hunting Rifle: The Hunting Rifle is a precise and high quality break-action rifle that is favoured by sharpshooters the world over.
Magelock Pistol: This unconventional Highborn weapon uses a magically charge crystal of unknown origin as a power source, instead of gun powder. Despite the benefits of never needing ammunition, they aren't seen very often outside of Highborn forces due to their fragility and extreme levels of complexity.
Magelock Rifle: The Magelock Rifle is, for all intents and purposes, just an up-scaled Magelock Pistol. Unfortunately, like the Magelock Pistol, it is extremely complex and fragile, but makes up for it with high range and accuracy.
Pepperbox Pistol: The Pepperbox Pistol is a break action pistol with 8 full sized barrels, each of which is loaded with an individual round, to allow it to fire more rapidly then other pistol designs. As a [PLACEHOLDER 1] development it is also ruggedly constructed, allowing it to be used as a fine club should the need arise. It uses the same round as the Pepperbox Rifle, Shield Gun and Volley Rifle, allowing those who exclusively weild [PLACEHOLDER 1] weapons to simply carry a single ammunition type.
Pepperbox Rifle: The Pepperbox Rifle, called the "Defender of the Homeland" by it's [PLACEHOLDER 1] manufacturers, is an up-scaled Pepperbox Pistol. It retains the same rugged construction and speed of loading, making [PLACEHOLDER 1] forces a terror on the battlefield. It uses the same round as the Pepperbox Pistol, Shield Gun and Volley Rifle, allowing those who exclusively wield [PLACEHOLDER 1] weapons to simply carry a single ammunition type.
Purse Pistol: The Purse Pistol, called the "Defender of Virtue" in advertising posters, is a compact single shot weapon that is extremely easy to conceal. Originally designed to allow ladies to defend themselves against would-be attackers, it has gained popularity with assassins and other nefarious types who want to smuggle a firearm into areas with weapon restrictions.
Repeater Carbine: The Repeating Carbine uses a lever mechanism to replace the spent round with a fresh one from a tube housing under the rifle's barrel which gives it a fast firing rate and high ammunition capacity but without the excess weight that comes from a Pepperbox style design. Despite it's slightly reduced reliability, as sometimes the rounds can jam in the mechanism, and slightly increased recoil the Repeating Carbine is popular with both those who can afford this expensive [PLACEHOLDER 2] rifle, and those looking for something that can easily be used from a mounted position.
Repeater Long Rifle: The Repeating Long Rifle is another [PLACEHOLDER 2] rifle. Effectively, it is a long-barrel version of the Repeater Carbine, which grants it increased range and accuracy as well as ammunition capacity, but it loses the Carbine's ease of firing from a mount.
Revolver: An advancement of the Pepperbox design, the Revolver replaces the full length barrels with a rotating cylinder that holds the individual rounds, allowing for even faster load times. This massive reduction in weight allows it to have a longer, stronger barrel for improved accuracy and reliability. It's more complex then the Pepperbox, and less rugged, but the overall improvements have made this [PLACEHOLDER 2] development popular around the world with adventurers, explorers and those looking for a reliable personal defence weapon.
Shield Gun: Another [PLACEHOLDER 1] design, the Shield Gun is metal shield with a short barrel single shot pistol built into the centre. While it has quite short range, getting a surprise shot and increased defence makes it quite popular all over the world. It uses the same round as the Pepperbox Pistol, Pepperbox Rifle and Volley Rifle, allowing those who exclusively wield [PLACEHOLDER 1] weapons to simply carry a single ammunition type.
Volley Rifle: The Volley Rifle, or "Liberator of the Unwashed" by it's [PLACEHOLDER 1] manufacturers, is like a heavy duty Pepperbox Rifle. Designed with 12 total barrels, and modified to be able to fire from multiple (or all) barrels at once, the Volley Rifle is as much an instrument of terror in the field as it is a weapon. It uses the same round as the Pepperbox Pistol, Pepperbox Rifle and Shield Gun, allowing those who exclusively wield [PLACEHOLDER 1] weapons to simply carry a single ammunition type.

Table: Siege Weapons

Name Damage Threat Acc Rec Rng Ammo Mode Qualities Sz Const Comp Weight Cost
Siege Weapons
Chaingun 2d8 Lethal 19 1 3 200ft. x6 60 B/A(6) Heavy, Load 4, Unreliable M/2h Hard 3 20M 80 lbs 1500s
Flamethrower 3d6 Fire 20 1 5 15ft. x4 10 S/A(2) Heavy, Load 12, Spread, Unreliable M/2h Hard 2 35M 50 lbs 600s
Skyhammer 3d8 Explosive 20 2 5 150ft. x4 4 S/B Blast 2, Heavy, Load 4/1, Unreliable L/2h Hard 2 20W 80 lbs 400s
Volley Cannon 4d6 Lethal 19 1 8 100ft. x6 6 S/B Load 3/1, Stationary, Unreliable L/2h Hard 4 20W 180 lbs 2000s

Siege Weapons Descriptions

Chaingun: The Chaingun is the ultimate evolution of [PLACEHOLDER 1]'s Pepperbox design. By using a set of 8 rotating barrels that fire, drop the spent round casing, and then are reloaded using gravity as they spin, the Chaingun allows for a monstrous ammount of firepower to be unleashed on the battlefield. The only thing that limits their extensive use in war is the weight, which limits their use to War-Bots and the extremely strong. The Chaingun uses the same round as [PLACEHOLDER 1]'s Pepperbox Pistol, Rifle, Shield Gun and Volley gun. Versions design for point defence are occassionally equipped with even larger amunition hoppers, and can have an ammo capacity of 300 or more. These versions aren't very stable though, frequently getting feed jams when they are lifted for transport, and as such are only of us when completely stationary (such as defending a fortress, or other location).
Flamethrower: Used mostly to inflict fear upon enemies, in the proper hands [PLACEHOLDER 2]'s Flamethrower can make entire regiments lose all willingness to fight. It's heavy, it's slow to reload, and it's dangerous, but none of these things has reduced the popularity of this deadly instrument of war. All attacks with a flamethrower operate as a Beam (see FC, page 239), affecting everything up to it's maximum range, and misses suffer from Deviation (see FC, page 214).
Skyhammer: The Skyhammer Rocketlauncher is a specially designed pod that holds 4 rockets, allowing them to be fired in quick succession. Due to the bulk and weight, they are typically used in limited numbers against Warbots or enemy emplacements.
Volley Cannon: The Volley Cannon is like a terrible and upsized Volley Rifle. Made from 6 light cannon barrels built together, the Volley Cannon can rain destruction upon a target like nothing else.

Weapon Modifications

Table: Weapon Modifications

Name Effect Const Comp Weight Era Cost
- - - - - - -
Arcane Adds the Arcane quality and replaces Load with Charge, if applicable. - +5 - Primitive +200%
Additional Barrel Ammo capacity +1, Load increased by 50% (Round up). - +5 +50% Reason +50%

Modification Descriptions

Additional Barrel: The weapon has an additional barrel, allowing it to be fired an additional time before needing to be reloaded. Only single-shot firearms may take this upgrade.
Arcane: The weapon is made out of a magically infused material, restricting it's use to those trained in the arcane arts while simultaneously making it possible for them to use it to even greater effect.

Weapon Qualities

Arcane: Attacks with this weapon must beat both the target's Defence and Spell Defence to hit. If it is a projectile weapon, it does not need and can not benefit from ammunition, ammunition upgrades, or poisoned ammunition - it always fires a magically created standard projectile. You must have at least 1 rank in Spellcasting to make attacks with this weapon.
Charge: The weapon's ammunition is magically, divinely, or scientifically replaced over time. After the listed number of half actions of disuse the weapon is automatically fully reloaded. Like Load, this value may be split (and follows the same rules as Load for split values).
Imprecise: This weapon isn't noted for pinpoint accuracy, and firing it into melee may be just as dangerous to allies as it is to enemies. Attacks with this weapon may not use the Called Shot trick, or use any feat or ability that negates or reduces an enemies cover.
Load: When a weapon's with Load has a split value (ex: 1/3) it requires a number of handle item actions equal to the first value to reload a quantity of ammo equal to the second. The weapon may be fired while partially reloaded (such as loading only 3 of a potential 6 ammo). In the 1/3 example, a player must take a single handle item action to reload 3 ammo.
Non-Lethal: The weapon is designed specifically not to kill it's target. Even after falling unconscious, further Subdual damage from this weapon does not become lethal and the user may never convert the damage to any lethal type. This quality can only be applied to weapons that inflict Subdual damage.

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