Contact The Sletchman

So you want to contact me. While some people would assume you are laying the groundwork for a future insanity defence, I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a couple options to do so.

Option 1: Contact me via the Crafty Games Forum, where I post (entirely too often) as Sletchman. This is the best choice if you have any questions about adapting the material posted here to your own settings, since there is a whole group of gamers there who can help you (especially if you need more new material). If you don't have a Crafty Games account then click the logo below to head to their homepage and set one up.


Option 2: Contact me via my Wikidot Profile. This is the best choice if you have questions related directly to this Wiki (for example: you want to link back to here from your own website) or if you have a question about non-Crafty games product (because it'd be weird to post a GURPS question on the Crafty Forum).

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