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Standard Actions

Burst Fire (Half Action Attack; 3 Ammo): Roll an attack. If the attack succeeds by the weapon's recoil, inflict damage an additional time. If the attack succeeds by double the weapons recoil or more, instead inflict damage 2 additional times. Roll damage for each hit separately. If a Critical Threat is rolled, only one set of damage per Action Die spent is dealt to the target's wounds.

Autofire (Full Round Attack; 5+ Ammo): You fire several quick volleys at a single target. Choose a number of volleys up to the weapons Autofire value and roll to hit. Each burst consumes 5 rounds of ammunition. You inflict damage an addition time for each full multiple of the weapons Recoil rating that you exceed the targets defence.

Strafe (Full Round Attack; 5+ Ammo): You attack a number of adjacent squares equal to your weapons Autofire rating simultaneously, with each square targeted consuming 5 rounds of ammunition. This attack suffers a penalty equal to your weapons Recoil rating, and damage is rolled separately for each target successfully hit. You can not 'skip over' any squares to avoid hitting allies or because they are unoccupied.

Suppressive Fire (Full Round Attack; 5+ Ammo): Choose a number of adjacent squares up to the weapons Autofire rating to Suppress and make an attack check, deducting your weapons recoil rating from the result. Any character who occupies a suppressed square before the beginning of your next initiative count must immediately make a Will save (with a DC equal to your attack check) or suffer stress damage equal to their margin of failure. Each square suppressed in this manner consumes 5 rounds of ammunition.

Brace (Half Action): Your weapon's Recoil rating is reduced by 1. You must have either a surface to brace your weapon against, or use a tripod/bipod while prone. If you take any movement actions you lose this benefit.

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